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Emporium Japan are having a whole website redesign at present and so in January I shot corporate portraiture and product photography for the new website. They had lots more new products and food and so I was called back to London to shoot more product and food photography. This was great to do as I learn’t lots about the Japanese diet and also got to taste all the food after I had photographed it 🙂

london Japanese food photographyPINIMAGE

london product photographer - SophotoPINIMAGE

london photographer SophotoPINIMAGE

london food photographer - SophotoPINIMAGE

hertfordshire and london product photographer Vicky at SophotoPINIMAGE

london product photographerPINIMAGE

london food photographyPINIMAGE

london food photography - OystersPINIMAGE

london food photographyPINIMAGE

Sophtoo - london food photographerPINIMAGE

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Church – St Johns the Baptiste Church, Purley, Surrey

Reception Venue – Selsdon Park Hotel, South Croyden

I shot James and Jo’s wedding photography in London and this was my second London wedding of the year so far. Jo had planned some fabulous details for her wedding including the use of a vintage cream VW beetle and a camper van. It was a beautiful spring day and Jo looked stunning in her beautiful wedding dress (made in the space of two days as her original one was destroyed on the thursday before the wedding). James was in full military uniform and also looked amazing. I am always so impressed by how shiny they get their boots.


surrey wedding photographyPINIMAGE

London wedding photographerPINIMAGE


surrey wedding photographer purleyPINIMAGE

documentary wedding photography londonPINIMAGE

london wedding photography PurleyPINIMAGE

James and Jo have wedding photography by SophotoPINIMAGE

Wedding St Johns Baptiste Church, Purley, SurreyPINIMAGE

uk wedding photographerPINIMAGE

bride and groom portrait photographyPINIMAGE

london photographer PINIMAGE

wedding ring photography croydenPINIMAGE

boutique wedding phtography by SophotoPINIMAGE

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A couple of weeks ago I shot wedding photography for Gary and Jane at Parkstead House. A lovely wedding based in London – and as anyone who has driven in London knows you can never rely on the traffic :-). So anyway things ended up a little late but I truly think everything went perfectly. I have picked out some of my favourite images which I feel really captured the spirit of Gary and Jane’s wedding day.

Wedding HairPINIMAGE

Jane having her hair donePINIMAGE


Brides MakeupPINIMAGE

Wedding dressPINIMAGE

WEdding Dress DetailPINIMAGE


The WEdding DressPINIMAGE

Photography of The London bus taking the Groom and guests to the weddingPINIMAGE

Photography of WEdding Veil and Dress in LondonPINIMAGE


The Groom waits for the Bride to arrivePINIMAGE

Jane arrives at Parkstead House, Roehampton, London for her WEddingPINIMAGE

GAry sees Jane for the First TimePINIMAGE

Photography of The Wedding Ceremony in LondonPINIMAGE

WEdding Rings on FingersPINIMAGE

Gary and Jane are Married!PINIMAGE


Cheeky!  :-)PINIMAGE

Cheeky! 🙂

Formal Group WEdding PhotographyPINIMAGE

WEdding Photography - PortraitsPINIMAGE

Bridal PortraiturePINIMAGE

London WEdding Photography by SophotoPINIMAGE

London bus wedding phtoography by SophotoPINIMAGE

London wedding with Photography by SophotoPINIMAGE

Back to the WEdding Party in Clapham - Photography by SophotoPINIMAGE


Photography at the WEdding Breakfast in Clapham, LondonPINIMAGE


Speeches by SophotoPINIMAGE

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